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Seanchai – New novel by Penelope Ann Thoms Out Now

Told in the voice of a young woman on the edge of life-shifting discoveries, Seanchai (The Storyteller) is centered in the trend in fiction that explores women’s various identities. Indeed, Brigid both discovers and creates her own identity via the strange story that is coming to her from forces beyond herself. Steeped in Irish lore, magic and edgy sexuality, the characters that emerge through Brigid’s agency – both magical and very human – shape the young woman’s soul, her character and her destiny.

Penelope A. Thoms lives in County Kerry, Ireland, where she has been infused with the humanity, the wildness, and the magic of the Irish spirit. While living in a 200-year old haunted cottage on the Finnehy River in Kenmare for six years, Thoms has listened to the tales told by the “ole wans” of black dogs, banshees and mysterious white women – all agents of death foretold. Penelope is an award-winning poet and short story writer, who has read her works in the U.S. and in Ireland during numerous radio and television appearances. Her book, Thin the Veil: Living and Dying within Celtic Spirituality (2006) is in wide use among spiritual directors and chaplains. Her essays appear in PlainViews, an online journal. This is her first novel.